The New Era For Poker! CoinPoker ICO Launched

Two-Thirds of CHP is already reserved with more than 30,000 unique users and over 4,000 unique daily players who are already using the site.

This Friday, is launching their most awaited ICO with one-third of its allocation only left for sale – out of all launched ICO, the two-thirds of CHP tokens are already reserved for sale through the priority white list!

CoinPoker is an online poker room based cryptocurrency. It is using Blockchain technology to offer a secure, transparent and accessible platform and this is going to provide their in-game cryptocurrency that is CHPs in two stages of ICO. The ICO will start on Friday at 10 am 19th January on the site official site of coin poker that is Those who are interested have already started making their reservations from the January 5th and have purchased some part of the token to be made available. Since the launch of this currency, MVP (Minimum Viable Product) of CoinPoker has been downloaded over 20,000 times and over 30,000 unique users have already registered on their website. These unique users are already the holder of 15,000 CHP token and in addition that over 4,000 unique daily players are already on the application!

“I am happy to see CoinPoker doing so well in the market,” said Tony G the poker legend and one of the advisors of the project, “The Blockchain technologies the future of online poker and CoinPoker will start the poker revolution. This is the revolution that all the players have been waiting for. So, CoinPoker has become the game-changer now!”
One of the buyer said, “The future of cryptocurrency is bright and everyone wants to take advantage of this phase of it. I am also one of the lucky buyers. I am glad”.