Poker Branding Need Team Pros

Since the days when online PokerStar started, sponsoring a poker player has been in trend.

In early days sponsored professional poker becomes the fabric of the industry. Slowly the time came when sponsorship becomes the integral part of the poker game and poker was in its boom. That time company sponsored Chris Moneymaker. Signing of player for sponsorship changed many things.

It changed the way, how poker players see the game and how the fans feel about the game. Chris was offered the sponsorship not because of his game form or the number tournaments he has won. But, the decision was taken, because he won a tournament that changed the game of poker. After winning the tournament he became the PokerStars’s face. (more…)

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Shannon Shorr a player with new ideas

When we play the game of poker player it is very vital. This card player has total casino $5, 71,230 on his account in the entire poker game.

Shannon is a card player that has 123 casinos on his account in the entire poker tournament. World Series of poker tournament is a game he likes to play. Shannon has also played at the various poker tournaments. Shannon has played at the European poker tournament as well at the world poker tournament. Played in many games with his active participation. He has techniques that help him to win the matches at the world poker tournament.

Score at World Series poker tournament

We can see his record in the entire game listed down. In world poker tournament he has played where he has scored as $1,416,442 winnings in the entire poker tournament. He has 35 cashes in the poker tournament. No bracelets in the entire world series of poker tournament. A player that has played at the world poker tournament. Player that has 8 cashes in the poker tournament. When you strive hard you can achieve your targets and you can become triumph in any field. A player loves to play, if he has some fruitful result but he should keep on striving hard without thinking of success what he believes. World series is a game where we can think to win cashes. He has cashes that are really hard effort. (more…)

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