Poker Branding Need Team Pros

Since the days when online PokerStar started, sponsoring a poker player has been in trend.

In early days sponsored professional poker becomes the fabric of the industry. Slowly the time came when sponsorship becomes the integral part of the poker game and poker was in its boom. That time company sponsored Chris Moneymaker. Signing of player for sponsorship changed many things.

It changed the way, how poker players see the game and how the fans feel about the game. Chris was offered the sponsorship not because of his game form or the number tournaments he has won. But, the decision was taken, because he won a tournament that changed the game of poker. After winning the tournament he became the PokerStars’s face.

At the time of that poker boom, some sites associated with poker took the concept of sponsored pros too far. Full Tilt Poker a group, had a team of players “Team Full Tilt”. These players represented the poker site as the most well-known faces and highest profile in the game. The funny thing here is the list of “red pros” became so big that it became a joke in the industry. In the absence of clear vision, the number of pros came into the category of “red pros”. The list increased to the extent that name had to be arranged in alphabetical order to find one.

Of course, the concept made it easier for some to find which player in the Full Tilt pro has won a tournament or have made the final table when and where. But, at the same time, the practice has made the idea of obtaining sponsorship coveted and less valuable. Sponsor of a good player to promote game online is a great thought, but it need be practiced logically.