Shannon Shorr a player with new ideas

When we play the game of poker player it is very vital. This card player has total casino $5, 71,230 on his account in the entire poker game.

Shannon is a card player that has 123 casinos on his account in the entire poker tournament. World Series of poker tournament is a game he likes to play. Shannon has also played at the various poker tournaments. Shannon has played at the European poker tournament as well at the world poker tournament. Played in many games with his active participation. He has techniques that help him to win the matches at the world poker tournament.

Score at World Series poker tournament

We can see his record in the entire game listed down. In world poker tournament he has played where he has scored as $1,416,442 winnings in the entire poker tournament. He has 35 cashes in the poker tournament. No bracelets in the entire world series of poker tournament. A player that has played at the world poker tournament. Player that has 8 cashes in the poker tournament. When you strive hard you can achieve your targets and you can become triumph in any field. A player loves to play, if he has some fruitful result but he should keep on striving hard without thinking of success what he believes. World series is a game where we can think to win cashes. He has cashes that are really hard effort. Continue reading “Shannon Shorr a player with new ideas”

Benjamin Pollak: A Hard-working and Dedicated Poker Player

Benjamin Pollak is basically from France. He started playing poker from 2008.

His career graph is consistent and he has played very smoothly and he fined his way. He has played in most of the series. In 2014 he was near to top level of his career and now he has maintained his consistent play and shown good performance in this year also. In his total career he has won $2,095,709 career winnings, 3 career titles he has won. total 43 career cashes he has won. He is placed at 46 rank and gain total 1120 points in 2015 poker player of the year he has total winnings in this was $288,048.

In world poker tour he has won $325,707 career winnings, total 3 cashes he has won this series, he has went through 2 final tables. He has not won any championship in this series. In World Series of poker he has won $446,387 winnings, 10 cashes he has won in this series. He has not yet gone through any final table in this series and he has not won any bracelet even. In European poker tour he has won $405,159 winnings and 5 cashes he has won, he has went through 2 final tables and won 1 championship in this series. Continue reading “Benjamin Pollak: A Hard-working and Dedicated Poker Player”

Christophe Vogelsang one of the finest and the smoothest poker player

Christophe Vogelsang is a finest poker player. His city of origin is Germany. He ranks the 6th position in the Germany all time money list.

100th position is his rankings in the all time money current list rankings. In the all time money list best rank he ranks the 99th position. In the global poker index rankings he ranks 89th position in the poker tournaments held. He ranks the 371st position in the terms of popularity. He may be not that popular poker player but he is considered as one of the finest and the smoothest poker player. He has won huge amount of cashes in his poker playing history before he started playing poker he was an online star of the poker playing.

He has won many live cashes in the poker games and game by game he has also improved his performance. His best live cashes are of $480,001 and his total live earnings are near about $5,668,256. Christopher Vogelsang as he has a unique name he also has a unique nick name. His unique nick name in the game is very different he is popularly known as the tight man 1. He is known as the tight man because of his tightness and the toughness in the game. Whenever he enters into the game he has the basic aim just to win the game and he has very much concern towards the game. He plays the game with full of his patients and intelligence. Continue reading “Christophe Vogelsang one of the finest and the smoothest poker player”

Jane studley, a smart poker

Jane studley was born in united states. He started playing poker in the year 2000. He played his first poker tournament which was WSOP ladies – Limit Hold’em in which he ranked 16th and his wining amount was $1,330.

After, this he played two more tournaments in the same year. The next event which he played was US poker Championship in which he scored 15th rank and got a wining amount of $825. He again played the same event in a time spam of one week and got 3rd rank and won $10,440.  After this event he didn’t played for one year and returned in the year 2002 and played only one single event in Los Angeles, his rank was 23rd and he won $777.

After this he played two tournaments in the year 2003. This year he played in the World Series of poker Championship and got 56th rank, but still he made a lot of money with this event and that was $15,000. This year he played his next tournament and scored $5,696 a ranked 6th. In the year 2004, he played his four events simultaneous. Out of the four events two events were played in Los Angeles in the same month with a very small internal of time, in this he scored 7th and 22nd and won $4,655 and $2,995. The next was the World Series poker Championship WSPO in which he was ranked 10th and he won a prize tag of $6,291. Continue reading “Jane studley, a smart poker”

Windows Phone Users can now play Poker

The all new Poker game will now be made available to Windows Phone users just like the iOS and Android phone users. Zynga Inc. Poker will be available in various supporting languages like Chinese, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and Turkish.

The Zynga Poker will be available for all the levels – Beginners to experts. The players will be able to switch between browsers as well as the mobile devices. The players will be able to compete with other players with a variety of certain rules.

It offers new players with ten gold chips for a short period along with 20,000 chips. The Poker game is accessible with easily navigable interface with finesse. This brings a new Polished Poker game to the table and sets Zynga Poker a class apart from the existing competition. Continue reading “Windows Phone Users can now play Poker”

David Grey-Poker to have won 2 WSOP

The act of playing the games is what you mean to have a successful career. The right choice is what you need to pick when you wish to play the game.

You should be choosing the right and perfect path to follow the game to spend the time successfully. You can really choose the game like Poker where you need o know the logics of the game, else you can’t really win here. Poker professionals do win the game by using the tactics that they have so far learnt which they can inculcate too to get the victory of the game. Poker professionals can only be able to manage it so.

David Grey is the poker who has won the bracelets which are numbered as 2. Poker is given the nickname as Vegas Stud. Poker is from the place of America. Poker is known to be the player playing cash game, who has won the tournaments too. It was by the year 1999, he turned winning his first professional bracelet and also the second in the year 2005. Poker is the notable player who plays the tournaments. Being a familiar player, this poker has also attempted the final table in the year 2003. This he recognised to bring in victory whereby he turn finished in the 8th place and thus the player named as Chris Money maker did eliminate him so.

As Vegas Stud:

The poker also appeared in the season 2nd and he turns finished in the 2nd place again. The poker has made around 15 money finishes in WSOP and also he has made money finishes which are 8 in numbers in WPT. The former bracelet which he obtained was from playing 7 card studs and latter event was from playing No limit 2 to 7 lowball.