Jeremy Ausmus – Full time poker player

Jeremy Ausmus was the most experienced and shortest stack player at 2012 WSOP main event. He is a full time poker player making a living with poker tournaments. He was born in Colorado and continued his study at Colorado State University. During his higher studies, he started thinking much about poker. Finally he decided to buy books on poker. Soon he learned how to play poker to make a living. He started playing poker at weekends with his friends. He was a consistent winning player among his friends. So he decided to switch to poker clubs for participating in live tournaments.

He is practicing online also to improve his poker skills. After completing his studies, he decided to move to Los Angeles for playing poker professionally. As he was playing poker for the full time, he was not able to earn much during his initial years. It was 2008 when his career moved to right track and he started earning good cash amount at poker tournaments. His strength was cash games and online poker tournaments. After 2008, he made number of cashes and final tables at live poker tournaments. Today he is one of the recognized players in the poker history.

He is just 32 years old and he has achieved lots of success in his career. Now he is an experienced and respected poker player in the industry. He is settled in Vegas with his wife. He got married in 2009 and he has 20 month old daughter and a small boy. He is very much happy with his wife and children. His main objective is to won WSOP main event title soon. He is very much familiar with poker strategies and he does not like to share those strategies with friends and other poker players. With his winning amount, he wanted to buy some nice things for his growing family.