Chris Moneymaker

Chris Moneymaker is a professional poker player from America. He hails from Nashville Tennessee and has been introduced to poker from a very young age. His forefathers worked as coin makers and they made coins of silver and gold from where they got this unique sir name. They were of German ancestry and they had this German title Nurmacher which means money Moneymaker so they decided to keep this sir name. Chris was born on the 21st of November in the year 1975 and he started playing poker since the age of 14. His father was also very much into poker and he was his first inspiration. Soon Chris started accompanying his father to the local club and he observed as the seniors played the game. He then picked up the game and was soon participating with the elders and he developed quite a liking towards the game.

Chris Moneymaker went to the University of Tennessee where he graduated in accounting. He was always good with numbers from a very early age and hence he was chose to graduate with accounting. His good control over numbers made him an instant hit with poker. In poker one needs to be very sharp with numbers, at the same time one has to be expressionless as any change in expression may give out the nature of the hand to the opponents and would enable then to guess the kind of hand that you have.  He worked as an accountant in a firm and at the same time he played online poker. His career took a turn for the better when while playing the online game he was nominated to play in the World Series in the year 2003. He played an online event where the winner got a direct entry into the World Series of Poker. He went on to win the online version and got nominated to play in the World Series where the best poker players of the world went head to head. Chris Moneymaker created history by going on to win the tournament and made headlines in the world of poker, he played against some of the biggest names in the world while he was a totally unknown entity.

Chris Moneymaker made a whopping 2.5 million USD and not only that, he claimed a place in the poker hall of fame. He is into poker full time now and has added a lot of wins to his professional career.

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