Chino Rheem

Born in the state of Florida, Chino Rheem, also known as David Rheem spent his formative days learning the game of poker and this gave him great earning potential. He started his career as a poker player by playing the cash games which has low limits and stated his winning streak. His success with online games gave him the confidence that this would be the time when he could take up poker as a career. He then moved on to the city of Los Angeles, where he began his career as a poker player in earnest. This was the time when this game was played with great gust and vigor and the competition was also high.

Entering the international poker arena at this time was a great challenge to Chino Rheem as the competition was very high. But this did not deter him from playing the game and winning it. He played to win and this attitude took him places. It was in the year 2005, when he won his first live tournament and the earnings were substantial. From one tournament to the other, he kept on playing and winning which took him to the top of the charts within no time.

Reaching the final tables became his second nature and poker ran into his blood. He loved large scores and great wins. He played high stakes and this was the reason why he won big time. He cashed in many games and participated in even more events than he himself had dreamt of. This was the time when there were large games played and Chino Rheem never missed an opportunity. Though he was not very good at managing money, he was great at earning it. This did not every deter him from playing high stake games and winning them. He learnt from his mistakes and this took him places where only the brave trend.