Fernandez suspended from poker team

Poker is a wonderful game, however violating the terms and conditions of the game may lead to termination. Argentinean team Poker Stars pro Leo Fernandez has been adjourned from the team for sacrilegious the rules and regulations of the game. Though there were rumors spread that the oft-seen cover wearing Pro was detached from the website, there were no official declaration from the Poker Starts stating the same.

According to Dan Coleman who gave an interview with the HUSNG.Com called out that the recent activity that Leo did was not something that Leo himself would do. He did the SixthSense19 which has been banned from Poker Stars and instead uses the Fernandez Poker Starts account to acquire his fixed and lose an amount of $400 in the game.

Similarly another report from a Brazilian site states that Fernandez has not only been suspended from the Poker Stars Team but has also been suspended from logging on and playing on both platforms like Poker stars and the Full Tilt Poker for a period of six months.

No matter how big the player could be, anytime they have been found to go against the rules and regulations of the game, they could be suspended or bared from the game for a certain period of time, depending on the judgment of the board. Though poker is a game that is widely played by thousands across the globe, both online at Casinos, one has to stick to the rules and regulations of the game to make sure that they succeed in the game at all times. Violating rules for certain benefits would not be accepted and severe punishments would be invited in such scenarios. With such a wonderful game, one could become a billionaire, but just realizing the game and playing within the rules and regulations.

Sky Casino Launches New Zealand Poker Tour

Leading Auckland based Sky City Casino has declared to host the largest poker tournament of the nation this year. The esteemed tour will be covering a grand prize pool amounting to $20,000.

Sky City is running the FOP (Festival of Poker) special promotion lately that would last for nine days at a stretch & would climax in the $2,200 Main. A great repertoire of 200 poker pros is speculated to participate in this prestigious tournament. Continue reading “Sky Casino Launches New Zealand Poker Tour”