Esfandiari Joins hands With Ultimate Poker

The game of poker has its own attraction for the people who love to play and win all the time. This game is played on live poker tables and also online from various websites. Being a game of cards, the attraction is centuries old. This means that people of all ages just love to play this game. Every person has tried his hand some time or the other in a hope to winning large sums of money. There are many online poker sites where in the players can join hands with these websites and earn huge sums of money. What is required is the skill to understand the opponent and how he would deal a particular set of cards. One requires understanding of the body language and the behavioral pattern of the person to get a grip of the game.

With the emerging popularity of online poker games, many websites have their own fan following. Amongst the most popular ones is Ultimate Poker. This website has stakes in all ranges and offers the players a great virtual playground to hone their skills. One of the greatest poker players of all times, Antonio Esfandiari has declared his connection with this website and enhanced the prestige of the game. He has been declared the brand ambassador for this website, which is from Nevada.

Ultimate Poker has announced that it has big plans in the coming years, especially, to launch games which would be the real money earners for the players. This would enhance the popularity of the website and would also increase its ratings. Ultimate Poker would become the pioneer of such type of games from America. As Antonio Esfandiari is one of the greatest winners of the game, his popularity would work wonders for the website. This will be a giant step towards reviving the online poker games and will instill a new lease of life for the people who just love playing online.