Leatherman to Leave Poker Tour World

According to the Poker News Daily, Amanda Leatherman, a famous and veteran poker player, who is known figure in this domain to the world, is about to leave the World Tour Poker. The news has been confirmed by the player herself and thus, according to many people and experts, it is true. She is a finest ambassador of this game, having superior skills, not only in poker, but also in the way she communicates with her fans. She is a known face in TV and has been acted as the hostess of several poker competitions and games. Her career started as the poker reporter in PokeWire, a dedicated news channel for poker lovers. Later, she joined PokerNews and handled the responsibility of being a tournament reporter, with precision. She also conducted many interviews in PokerRoad, interviewing the finest poker professionals of all time.

Now, leaving the brand of WPT Leatherman confirmed to be a part of North American Poker Tour. There she performs as webcast hostess. For all of the upcoming interviews of NAPT, she will work for interviewing the players via online. She expresses that she is too excited to join PokerStars.net and NAPT. Negreanu expressed that she was at extremely great poker event and she also made a great name of herself in the poker media. She took the new job for her own reasons and expresses that the NAPT is one of the most famous poker tour which has extremely good television broadcast reach.

Leatherman loves to discuss the poker strategies and enjoy to work as a member of the poker world. She has been showing her unique quality and she is surely one of the most active members in the poker world. Her future planning was not announced clearly, but she is ready to perform as an active member. Poker News Daily also has confirmed that she can also be hired for L.A. Poker Classic in recent times.