Professional Poker Player of Dynamic Skills

He is the player of his own thoughts and abilities that he has shown on many poker tables while playing in the many poker tournaments and championships. Although he has earned the Master grade in Accountings from Tennessee University, but he forwarded into the land of gambling world in which he caught the winning face of his excellent victory in the championship of World Series of Poker in 2003. He paid $39 for an online entry for an event of World Series of Poker satellite which has changed his complete profile. He earned the stunning first prize money as $2.5 million in the main event of World Series of Poker championship.

Far-off his life as the suburbanite accountant, Chris Moneymaker won at the various championship of World Series of Poker that have brought him onto the luxurious stage of his life in which he has become the an overnight celebrity in the gambling world. With having the amazing winning sorts, Chris Moneymaker has become the stunning face in the poker world. Being a professional poker player, Chris Moneymaker has traveled into the fantasy of gambling world accompanied with his new found bankroll. While his fateful winnings, Chris Moneymaker has become the owner of his own corporation and has emerged as the most eminent spokesman for the online poker gambling.

Recently, he is playing for the various tournaments and championships of United State, where he is residing currently in the Spring Hills. By catching the wide range of cashes as 23, Chris Moneymaker has grabbed a big amount of his bash which is accumulated as $3, 387, 966 including his all tournaments winnings but excluding his one bracelet which he grabbed in the World Series of PokerĀ  with the first pro rank.