Chris Moneymaker – WSOP champion

Chris has properly utilized his surname during his life time. He was playing blackjack with his father and card games with his grandmother. After sometime, he decided to start his career with Texas Holdem play. He is WSOP champion in the main event where he turns millions because of his skills and poker talent.

He has completed his higher degree in Accountancy from Tennessee University. After his graduation he was working as an accountant. He started his early career with a restaurant as a part time job. But he was not ready to live a life of mediocre. After all he is a Scorpio then how can he stay like simple men. He decided to earn big amount with his poker skills.

He started his journey with a click of mouse at tournament table. He was able to beat 18 players playing against him. In this way, he was able to qualify for poker tournaments. It was his passion that makes him different from other poker players. He won WSOP 2003 main event and a big cash prize of $10,000. His struggle does not end here. He was working full time job and playing poker in his part time.

He decided to make poker as his full time career option. But his father does not allow him to do so. But he didn’t lose the hope and continue his play as part time. He is also a nice man in his person like. Recently he donated $25,000 for cancer research. He is also playing online poker games for improving his skills and increasing his experience. He has qualified for major poker events online.

Now he has started his own personal firm, Moneymaker gaming. He is a married man and happily staying with his family. He loves his daughter a lot and wants to earn more money to educate her from best University.