W Technologies Inc, an online social media and gaming company based in Nevada aims to offer online poker through internet. Wayne Allyn Root, CEO of W Technologies Inc said the company is planning to come up with an online poker site which will offer players to play poker online as well as hand over prizes to them.

He further added that the development of the first of the site may take around 4-6 months and along with development of the software, WTCG also intends to apply for Nevada gaming license. If WTCG meets the requirements to of Nevada to get a license, then it also plans to allow residents of the state of Nevada and outside the US to play games for cash. Mr Root also said that they are quite upbeat about the bright future of online poker in Nevada and in other states in the country.

WTCG aims to use a social gaming advertising agency to help it with its market strategy. The company has access to many databases of known gamblers and Mr Root also enjoys good relationship with well-known professional poker players and celebrities who love poker. Root is well known in Las Vegas for his business, gaming and political background.

He is a ex- Libertarian Party VP candidate and author of 7 books out of which two are Amazon best-sellers. He is also a regular guest of Fox News Channel and a media star. He is also known to be a distinguished business speaker and makes several appearances in media. He is also a Senior Economic Advisor to an international financial services company and serves as a Director of multiple boards.