Focus on: Chris Moneymaker

Chris Moneymaker is a poker player from the US which was born in Atlanta, Georgia. He is best known right know for winning the WSOP 2003 main event. That edition was the first time that the world champion came from online qualifiers and it’s said to have been revolutionary for the world of poker. The name given to it by the press is Moneymaker Effect.

At the time when he qualified for the WSOP 2003, he was an accountant. He played a satellite tournament that was $39 to enter, at PokerStars. He went on to win the World Series and he took home a $2.5 million prize, becoming famous in the process. What’s even more surprising is that it was the first poker tournament he played live on. After his win, he became the spokesman for PokerStars and Harrah’s Entertainment and he gave up his job as an accountant. He started playing in bigger tournaments and traveling while making a living as a professional poker player.

During the Shooting Stars event in 2004, at the WPT, he managed to take home $200,000 by finishing in second place.

At the Online Poker World Championship, he took home $139,000, by finishing 6th at a No Limit Hold’em event. During the 16th Event he also did pretty well, winning $28,000 by finishing 5th. It was a Pot Limit Omaha event, with ReBuys.

In July 2009 he won an event at the World Poker Open and he took home $15,889.

Another good run for him was at the main event of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure in 2011, when he finished on the 11th spot and he won $130,000.

The total amount of winnings at live tournaments reached $3 million in April 2010, with a big part of it coming from his WSOP participations ($2.53 million from WSOP).